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Several Retirement Income Streams-You won’t Outlive Your Money

    During your working years, we all try to save for retirement (income stream creation).  We meet with our team of trusted advisors to determine what blend of financial tools should be used to achieve our goals.  In making this determination, we consider how much income we will need, what assumed rates of earnings […]

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Permanent Insurance Should be Viewed as Important if Every Portfolio

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The Ruts-Seth Godin

The ruts It’s not an accident that dirt roads end up with deep ruts on them, that moguls on hills get steeper and that we find ourselves slipping back into the very things that exhaust us at work. Once the pattern starts to be grooved, we repeat it, which only makes the groove ever deeper. […]

Business Values and Forced Liquidations

Do You Know What a Forced Liquidation Can Do to the Valueof Your Business?If liquidation is forced on a disabled business owner or on the executor of adeceased business owner, it can quickly become public knowledge that thereis pressure to dispose of the business, and these results can be anticipated: Sale of business assets at […]

Estate Planning Update

UPDATE   With a properly structured estate plan, spouses may give away a total of $23,160,000 to their children federal estate tax free. Federal estate taxes are equal to 40% of the amount left in excess of the applicable exclusion amount. The law could change in 2026 to $3,500,000 per decedent.   Illinois has an […]

Review Your Life Insurance Now Get a Free Appraisal

Recently, the attorney for a family office asked for help with a situation. The family wanted to transfer/sell two $10 million survivor life policies to another trust for planning purposes. The policy owner went to the two insurance carriers to ask for the 712 values or Interpolated Terminal Reserve (ITR). Though the two policies had the same […]

Traditional Whole Life Permanent Insurance-Primer

This is one of several products which can be designed to spec to meet your needs and objectives. Whole Life Dividends: Options For Growth As November comes to an end, something on the minds of participating whole life carriers and policy owners is dividends. For carriers, they may be wondering what the new dividend rates […]

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