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Your success in business is a result of your people & your processes.  In the closely held space, attracting, retaining and incenting talent is key.  There are numerous plans that can be designed to specification, keeping your talent in the business performing at their best and creating additional income for them at their retirement.  These plans are tax favored to both the employer and the executive.  Cost effectiveness and cash flow are key ingredients but understanding that the loss of a key person can severely impact your business needs to taken into account.  Key components to the company are:  selectivity, a plan that attracts talent, a plan can coordinate with your existing qualified plan, benefits are tax deductible to the employer when paid, tax deferral, and cost recovery.  The executive can receive: no current income taxation, tax deferred growth, increase retirement income, and a pre-retirement death benefit for his/her family.  Customized design capabilities are cause to explore these programs.

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