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Several Retirement Income Streams-You won’t Outlive Your Money

    During your working years, we all try to save for retirement (income stream creation).  We meet with our team of trusted advisors to determine what blend of financial tools should be used to achieve our goals.  In making this determination, we consider how much income we will need, what assumed rates of earnings […]

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Tax Adjustments for 2014 Gross Income

Once total or gross income from all sources has been determined, certain adjustments to income are available. These adjustments amount to a reduction in gross income and generally are granted to achieve tax fairness or in recognition of a desirable social objective. Adjustments to income are available regardless of whether a taxpayer itemizes deductions or takes the standard deduction.

Income Tax Planning-Advisory & Acquisition Services

As a result of ATRA 2012 (The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012), income tax planning is in the spotlight.

Who to Go to When you Need Home Care

Senior Helpers has been a national leader in professional, inhome senior assistance services. We can be there for you at a moment's notice to offer comfort, peace of mind, and personalized care planning ranging from one hour a day to 24 hours a day

Life Insurance Planning in Connection with Divorce

It is estimated that there are over a million divorces in the United States each year.1 This reflects a tremendous need for life insurance planning in relation to alimony, child support and property settlement agreements.

IRS Guidance on Conversions of Qualified Plan Accounts to Designated Roth Accounts

In the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 ("ATRA"), Congress expanded the ability of participants in tax-qualified plans, tax-sheltered annuities, and governmental deferred compensation plans to convert amounts

Reflecting the changes occurring in our current economic times

To avoid the nondiscrimination testing applicable to 401(k) plans and possible reductions of the amounts that a highly compensated employee ("HCE") could defer for a plan year, employers may structure 401(k) plans as "safe harbor plans.

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