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Disability Insurance Planning Issues & Solutions

DISABILITY INSURANCE LAYERING DESIGN   Your income allows for food, shelter, utilities, transportation, education, healthcare as well as the cost to maintain your lifestyle. Why don’t we all have significant disability insurance coverage? Disability insurance comes in all forms and sizes and having a “portfolio” of policies in many cases, is the preferred and most cost-efficient method. […]

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Covid Update

Pfizer-BioNTech Shot Stops Covid Spread, Israeli Study Shows By Naomi Kresge and Jason GaleFebruary 21, 2021, 5:49 AM CST Updated on February 21, 2021, 7:35 PM CST  Vaccine reported to be 89% effective at preventing infections  Stopping virus transmission is key to ending Covid-19 pandemic PauseUnmuteCurrent Time 0:07/Duration 3:08Loaded: 0%Progress: 0% FullscreenPfizer-BioNTech Shot Stops Covid Spread, Israeli Study ShowsUnmuteWatch: An Israeli study shows […]

Estate Planning Update

Copyright Chip Somodevilla, Getty ImagesWEALTH PLANNING>ESTATE PLANNING Could a Change to the Gift and Estate Tax Exclusion Be Retroactive? A potential shift in the credit amount could lead to unwelcome surprises. Bob Dietz, Tom Pauloski | Feb 17, 2021 In estate planning circles, there’s much concern about whether Congress may reduce the “basic exclusion amount”—the amount that any […]

Insurance Carrier News

AIG lines up massive business sale by Mia Wallace 17 Feb 2021SHARE Insurance giant American International Group Inc (AIG) has today revealed it has been fielding inquiries from companies considering buying a stake in the life and retirement (L&R) business which the insurer is seeking to divest. Citing the words of AIG president Peter Zaffino (pictured) during […]

New Rules for Fiduciaries

DOL Fiduciary Rule’s Impact Will Be Felt by Advisors, Brokers The Biden administration announced last week the fiduciary exemption would take effect as scheduled, but legal experts argue the rule has some serious teeth that will impact client relationships with advisors and broker/dealers. Patrick Donachie | Feb 16, 2021 As the Department of Labor said Friday that the […]

By: Seth Godin

Publishers, curation and algorithms Publishers take two risks to bring new ideas to the world. (And I’m talking about any middleperson–a gallerist, a TV network, a movie studio, a label–they’re all publishers). One risk is the time and money spent attracting and supporting the creator/artist. And the other risk is curatorial. They are risking the […]

What does it mean to do Well in School?

What does it mean to do well in school? Is it the same as “doing well on some tests”? Because that’s what we report–that perhaps 240 times in a college career, you sat down for a test and did well on it. That’s hardly the same as doing well in school. Where do we look […]

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