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Disability Insurance Planning Issues & Solutions

DISABILITY INSURANCE LAYERING DESIGN   Your income allows for food, shelter, utilities, transportation, education, healthcare as well as the cost to maintain your lifestyle. Why don’t we all have significant disability insurance coverage? Disability insurance comes in all forms and sizes and having a “portfolio” of policies in many cases, is the preferred and most cost-efficient method. […]

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Corporate Pension Plans Contribution Improvement

For the lucky few, corporate pension plans have left some employees feeling secure about their retirement, a rare experience after the economic wreckage of the pandemic. Corporate pension plans saw significant improvement in 2021, driving their aggregate funded status — or the financial ability of the pension plan to cover intended expenses and costs in […]

Covid-Update January 2022

Months after Delta threatened the fall back-to-school ritual, COVID-19 is again complicating kids’ return to the classroom. Why it matters: While government officials worked to convince school administrators and parents over the last several days that kids could safely get back to in-person learning after the holidays, the reality on the ground amid the spread of Omicron […]

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Covid 2022

COVID-19: Briefing note #84, December 8, 2021 The virus is not the only thing with a talent for transformation. MOST POPULAR INSIGHTS COVID-19: Implications for business When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? The state of AI in 2021 Starting up as CFO The CEO: Architect of the new operations agenda If you could say anything positive […]

Corona Update

Top federal health officials warned in a briefing Tuesday morning that the omicron variant is rapidly spreading in the United States and could peak in a massive wave of infections as soon as January, according to new modeling analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The prevalence of omicronjumped sevenfold in a single […]

Better Benefit Communication

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced several actions Monday to improve “customer service” from the federal government, including initiatives affecting the provision of telehealth, maternity care for Medicaid beneficiaries, and healthcare services at the Department of Veterans Affairs. “Whether searching for vaccine safety information, claiming retirement benefits, receiving health insurance, passing through a security checkpoint, […]

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