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One of the bizarre aspects of drug pricing in the U.S. is that the government is not permitted by law to negotiate the prices of drugs with pharmaceutical manufacturers. In most of the world markets, the national health authority in each country engages in long (and often difficult) discussions with drug sponsors about what the government is willing to pay for a newly approved drug. These negotiations dramatically reduce the cost of prescription drug prices throughout most of the world.

hBut not in the U.S. In the U.S., pharmaceutical companies can essentially dictate prices for their drug products, and Medicare and Medicaid are not allowed to challenge or disagree with the offer. If a company wants to charge $80,000 a year for a new drug, it can. If a company wants to increase the price […]

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Corona Update

Top federal health officials warned in a briefing Tuesday morning that the omicron variant is rapidly spreading in the United States and could peak in a massive wave of infections as soon as January, according to new modeling analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The prevalence of omicronjumped sevenfold in a single […]

Better Benefit Communication

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced several actions Monday to improve “customer service” from the federal government, including initiatives affecting the provision of telehealth, maternity care for Medicaid beneficiaries, and healthcare services at the Department of Veterans Affairs. “Whether searching for vaccine safety information, claiming retirement benefits, receiving health insurance, passing through a security checkpoint, […]

Covid Update

Another grim milestone: COVID-19 deaths reached 800,000 in the U.S. (Reuters) Also according to Reuters, the U.S. count passed 50 million coronavirus cases as of Sunday. The unofficial U.S. COVID-19 toll from Johns Hopkins University as of Monday at 8 a.m. EST, is 49,921, 422 cases and 797, 348 deaths, increases of 834,582 cases and 8,984 deaths versus a week ago. At […]

Covid Has Caused Larger Life Insurance Claim Payouts

Several Retirement Income Streams-You won’t Outlive Your Money

    During your working years, we all try to save for retirement (income stream creation).  We meet with our team of trusted advisors to determine what blend of financial tools should be used to achieve our goals.  In making this determination, we consider how much income we will need, what assumed rates of earnings […]

Business Loans (Insurance Funding)

Business Loan Insurance Funding   We all rely on outside funds to help manage and grow our companies.  We utilize borrowed funds, or acquired capital in most cases.  The capital comes in the form of public and/or private investments, governmental grants, public or private loans.  Business loans are common from Banks, and smaller lending institutions.  […]

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