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Disability Insurance Planning Issues & Solutions

DISABILITY INSURANCE LAYERING DESIGN   Your income allows for food, shelter, utilities, transportation, education, healthcare as well as the cost to maintain your lifestyle. Why don’t we all have significant disability insurance coverage? Disability insurance comes in all forms and sizes and having a “portfolio” of policies in many cases, is the preferred and most cost-efficient method. […]

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Morning Brew

May 03, 2021 View Online | Sign Up     TOGETHER WITH   Good morning. Lots of exciting things happening in the Brew universe this week, starting with a referral contest that’ll go toward a very worthy cause. See the details below.    MARKETS: YEAR-TO-DATE   Nasdaq 13,962.68 +8.34% S&P 4,181.17 +11.32% Dow 33,874.85 +10.68% […]

How a capital-gains tax hike would hit advisors — and what they can do about it

By Lynnley BrowningApril 27, 2021, 9:28 a.m. EDT3 Min Read Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Show more sharing options Not just the uber-wealthy are stressing out over President Biden’s plan to raise taxes on investment profits. Many independent financial advisors are also in those crosshairs if they aim one day to sell their practice or pass it […]

Going Back to the Workplace

As vaccine efforts continue to progress steadily, the return to the office is seemingly imminent. Thirty-five percent of workplaces do not have a firm plan for fully reopening their office. Sixteen percent, however, planned to reopen in Q1, according to a survey by The Conference Board. Hanging in the balance is the ability to have protective […]

Secure Act Provisions Worth Knowing

Five Key SECURE Act 2.0 Provisions The bipartisan bill provides more opportunities to save for retirement. Here are some highlights. Denise Appleby | Mar 17, 2021 The Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2020 (don’t let the date in the name mislead you, the bill is still pending), a bipartisan bill popularly dubbed “SECURE Act 2.0” because it […]

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