Author: Jeff Adler

Disability Insurance Planning Issues & Solutions

DISABILITY INSURANCE LAYERING DESIGN   Your income allows for food, shelter, utilities, transportation, education, healthcare as well as the cost to maintain your lifestyle. Why don’t we all have significant disability insurance coverage? Disability insurance comes in all forms and sizes and having a “portfolio” of policies in many cases, is the preferred and most cost-efficient method. […]

Annuity Update May 200

ANNUITY MARKETPLACE UPDATE MAY 2022 Annuities, as you know are deferral instruments designed for specific problems. Today’s marketplace provides us: A++ rated carrier 7- year surrender (relatively short) Annual s&p point to point cap is 6.10% Annual s&p point to point uncapped is 38% Fixed account is 3.20% Something to think about…………………. “Kiplinger” says retirees […]

Cannabis Coverage Update

CANNABIS INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS The American Cannabis industry continues to expand and evolve throughout much of the country.  Many State-level governments have embraced the idea that the financial gains generated by legal cannabis businesses outweigh any moral or social risks. The industry is expected to reach $30 Billion in market value by 2025.  Over 120,000 people […]

Industry-Tax-Marketing News

INDUSTRY, TAX AND MARKETING NEWS INFLATION – Inflation in February rose 7.9% from the year before.  This is the highest increase seen since January 1982. The biggest contributors to the gain were gas, food and shelter, all necessities. Expect the Fed to increase interest rates at their March 15-16 meeting, the question is by how much. […]

Industry Tax and Marketing News

INDUSTRY, TAX AND MARKETING NEWS SANCTIONS – The United States and our allies are imposing sanctions against Russia, which continues its incursion into Ukraine.  Apparently U.S. banks have been pulling back from exposure to Russia in recent years.  The same can’t be said for European banks, which are bracing for fallout from the sanctions against Russia.  […]

A Family Dynasty

What It Takes To Create A Family Dynasty JANUARY 31, 2022 • RUSS ALAN PRINCE A family dynasty is defined as a cohesive economic entity where the perpetuation of family wealth, values and objectives lasts for five or more generations. About 60% of ultra-wealthy families (net worth = US $30 million or more) find the concept of […]