Category: Tax

Tax Adjustments for 2014 Gross Income

Once total or gross income from all sources has been determined, certain adjustments to income are available. These adjustments amount to a reduction in gross income and generally are granted to achieve tax fairness or in recognition of a desirable social objective. Adjustments to income are available regardless of whether a taxpayer itemizes deductions or takes the standard deduction.

Court Rules That Section 419A(f)(6) Plan Sponsor Made Taxable Distribution of Life Insurance Policies

The Second Circuit upheld a Tax Court decision that the insured taxpayers, a husband and wife, received a taxable distribution of life insurance policies from a Section 419A multi-employer welfare benefit plan.

IRS Advice Suggests Caution in Planning with Self-Canceling Installment Notes (SCINs)

A SCIN is a promissory note that includes a self-cancelation feature relieving the borrower of any future payments if the seller dies during the note term.

IRS 2014 Inflation Adjustments

An update to the IRS 2014 Inflation Adjustments for Estate Planning Purposes