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Life Insurance is for the Living

The article highlights a close friend of many years, Mr. Gary Scholnick. We have collaborated for many years and hold each other in the highest regard.

Life Insurance is for the Living

Advanced Income Strategies with Gary Scholnick

We have sold life insurance for 30+ years. In each instance, there was fear of dying too soon, living too long or becoming sick or hurt along the way. Each answer was simple. Rent a death benefit that you will likely out live. Fund cash values for greater tax deferred growth. Include disability benefits for income continuation. Possible contingencies with less than probable occurrences. Emotions prevailed and the purchase decision was made; it was the lesser of evils. It was better to buy coverage and live healthy to retirement than to survive in fear and attempt to self‐insure family income needs. That conflict, sacrifice a little to preserve a lot, no longer need apply. And the rate of occurrence is a virtual certainty – funded safely, there is no sacrifice. Sounds impossible? Perhaps too good to be true. Wall Street professionals would like to think so. 

For the last few years we have tested this market with enthusiastic response. Our focus is non‐cash value life insurance guaranteed to continue beyond life expectancy with a health change trigger. Premiums cease when benefits commence delivering the entire promise tax free.  In most economies, and especially today, it is very attractive for every insured to own predictable cash flow. And in the right circumstance, it may be even more attractive for the right employer to bind key players to the firm with a lifestyle guarantee and above market predictable yield…with no risk.

Beneficiaries never question the cost of life insurance, only the amount. Policy owners are wise to question the value of premiums paid, especially when lifetime benefits may be unpredictable.  After years of experience, we know cost of insurance is not the problem; it’s a mere fraction of the cost of aging.

Our conviction is contagious that life insurance is for the living. In response to the single largest financial crisis yet to occur, the cost of remaining independent and mobile in older age, there may be no better way to manufacture tax free income to spend or save as needed than to own Edible Term.

A Game Changer

All of us know someone, who:

  • Purchased a term life policy and then outlived the coverage, OR
  • Purchased a Cash Value policy and didn’t put in or earn enough interest to stop paying premiums, OR
  • Opened a Savings Account expecting to make money and needed a distribution in a down market, OR
  • Purchased a Long Term Care (LTC) policy and experienced regular price increases, OR
  • Bought LTC, paid all premium increases, never reduced coverage and died before getting any money out, OR
  • Deducted Retirement Savings additions only to pay at a higher tax rate on all principal and interest outbound, OR
  • Needed to delay their retirement start date because their savings didn’t work as hard as they did.

Chances are pretty good all of us know someone(s) like this.  And some of us know them very, very well. We have a better idea for you to noodle on.

Each of us needs an Edible Term Arrangement (ETA), that is:

  • A lot like term insurance without fear of never receiving the benefit, AND
  • A lot like cash value insurance without funding or investment risk, AND
  • A lot like an investment without ups and downs in current market value, AND
  • A lot like Long Term Care without rising premiums and forfeitable benefits, AND
  • A lot like a Pension promise without the wait or income tax risk.

The safe money agrees, ETA is mobility Insurance.  Simply put, there’s a whole lot to like and nothing to lose. Believing less is more, we seek least risk solutions to achieve exceptional results. Our reputation for accuracy, dependability and client underwriting advocacy has driven our life insurance and disability income sales success for 30 years.  Client concentration is in the greater Detroit medical and dental community who prioritize income continuation and survivor capital needs.  We continue to serve these clients with new emphasis on a much larger audience that we are uniquely positioned and prepared to problem solve.

This larger population is less concerned about the possibility of income forfeiture pre‐retirement.  Instead, they are entirely mindful of the probability of diminished lifestyle and savings from the immediate cash flow needs of dependency and immobility that often occurs with advanced age…even when Gracefully Greying.  If this may be you, call us to learn about a safer, smarter and richer income outcome.

Clients and colleagues agree we deliver excellence in client service and innovative financial product design to help achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives by creating, protecting and preserving their wealth, wisdom and dignity. 

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