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The Ruts-Seth Godin

The ruts

It’s not an accident that dirt roads end up with deep ruts on them, that moguls on hills get steeper and that we find ourselves slipping back into the very things that exhaust us at work.

Once the pattern starts to be grooved, we repeat it, which only makes the groove ever deeper.

Habits are habits because in many ways, they’re simply easier in the moment.

A significant challenge in learning (as distinct from certified ‘education’) is that learning requires us to break old habits and walk away from old ruts. It rewires our instincts and helps us see the world in a new way–not just see it, but act differently in it.

It’s incredibly difficult to lever yourself out of a long-term rut. A community and a curriculum can make a huge difference.

That’s why I created the altMBA five years ago. It wasn’t designed to be a knowledge-delivery tool (the internet does that just fine, all the time, for free). It’s designed to be a habit-breaking, habit-forming, rut-reducing tool.

And the best way to break a habit is to model and then commit to a new habit.

Tomorrow’s the regular deadline to apply for the next session of the altMBA. If you’re ready to leave your rut behind, I hope you’ll consider it.

[The altMBA is part of Akimbo, which is now an independent, mission-driven B Corp. I’m thrilled at what they’re building.]

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