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Problem:  Life insurance is a complicated asset and can serve several purposes.  It is a living asset; affected by mortality, interest rates and other variable and must be reviewed at minimally on an annual basis.  We all know your situation changes over time and you can modify your life insurance portfolio to meet your new goals & objectives.  For years, life insurance companies offered products that we not transparent and difficult to predict and understand.  Most agents, brokers, consultants, CFP’s, lacked the independence, time in the business, to instill confidence in clients.

Solution:  Life insurance portfolio design and management requires a unique skill set in the financial service sector.  As an exclusive consultant/buyer we integrate tax & legal ramifications with your goals whether the focus is wealth transfer, exit planning, key person, compensation issues or asset allocation.  We have the personal relationships & expertise as well as the carrier relationships to enhance your experience and to provide greater outcomes from a financial and medical underwriting position.  We represent you and do not work for a particular insurance carrier.  We are your advocate plain and simple.  Additionally, we work with several reinsurance carriers.

Life insurance is quite unique in that it is a non-correlated asset.  Our clients are made up of the affluent, high net worth, family offices, entrepreneurs, and business owners.  Our clientele look for predictability, estate & income favored status, guarantees of liquidity as well as creditor protection.

Life insurance belongs in every portfolio as it enhances asset allocation and increases security on several levels.

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