Author: Jeff Adler

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Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts-Investigate Planning Opportunities

Estate Planning Technique   As with all planning techniques, your plan must be tailored to you and your unique situation. Popularity doesn’t mean a technique is right for you.   As we get close to our election, it is reasonable to consider that certain “tax” raising strategies will be employed. One such strategy is the […]

Distinctions That Matter

How are we different? We are different in our approach to our relationships. See the attached. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.

do political parties influence the markets?

S&P 500 Index (%)Start End President Senate House 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr 20 Yr1937 1939 D – Franklin D. Roosevelt D D -34.75 -5.27 -7.47 4.37 11.121939 1941 D – Franklin D. Roosevelt D D -0.38 -7.37 3.71 7.18 13.381941 1943 D – Franklin D. Roosevelt D D -11.59 10.11 16.81 […]

Financial Facts

The Need… The rising cost of health care in the United States has become one of the primary risks to a financially-secure retirement. With health care costs expected to continue increasing faster than inflation, the time to plan for your future health care needs is now…before you retire. Your ability to enjoy a financially-secure retirement […]

Leverage, Arbitrage & Premium Finance

Premium finance (borrowing premiums from a third party) is popular and fitting in the estate planning and income replacement markets.  Part of the recent excitement in the marketplace is due to the low interest rate environment and insurance policies outperforming what is called the interest rate arbitrage.  In a nutshell, premium financing is when a […]